Elan Limited: An eminent brand in the real estate sector, Elan Limited has established its own identity in the commercial segment across Delhi NCR. Guided by three real estate experts Mr Rakesh Kapoor, Mr Ravish Kapoor and Mr Akash Kapoor, the company is constantly evolving in the manufacturing sector, building architectural jewels that are innovative in terms of both construction quality and layout plan also acknowledging the needs of their customers. Aspires to be an active participant in the Infrastructure development sector, they have built extraordinary commercial properties that itself justifies their trendsetting ideology. Established Elan Foundation their own non-profit organization on 26th September 2019, they have been steadily moving towards their goal of developing a healthy and proper standard of living for the lower working segment of the society. Some of their projects in the commercial sector include Elan Empire, Elan Miracle Elan Paradise, Elan Epic, Elan Town Centre and Elan Mercado all redefining new architectural concepts in the real estate arena.

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