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Mr. Rajat Malhotra has over 15 years of experience in land acquisition, underwriting, realty consulting and client management. It makes him the most sought after entrepreneur in the real estate market. His unsurpassed expertise on real estate matters directly translates to successful real estate ventures.


Under his leadership, Orion Realtors has undergone various strategic transformations and has grown immensely over the years. He believes that every business challenge is an opportunity to excel and therefore, he raised an organization that lead scommercial and residential real estate consultancy. He has created a niche for Orion Realtors in the real estate market that defines values, competency and commitment.

Mr. Malhotra is highly motivated to generate revenues and create real wealth for all the stakeholders and investors. He has established Orion Realtors as a benchmark of excellence and customer satisfaction in the real estate market.

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Perched on the cusp of swift growth, Orion Realtors strive to translate the dreams and visions of its esteemed clients into concrete realities. For us, excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.

At Orion Realtors, ethics-centric leadership and commendable teamwork facilitate us deliver timely promises. We delve into the real estate intricacies with a distinctive approach to impart tailor-made real estate solutions.

A multitude of values have been embedded in the foundation of Orion Realtors. They include integrity, transparency, creating opportunities, commitment, truthfulness, building relationship and more. Undeniably, our loyal teams of diligent professionals have contributed to a major extent in facilitating us to excel in our performance to surpass expectations of our esteemed clients. We believe in achieving for now and planning for the future aiming to positively impact different generations.

Mr. Rajat Malhotra Owner of Orion Realtors

Director's Profile

Mr. Mudit Malhotra is a modern day businessman who is focused, ambitious and perseverant. He joined Orion Realtors in the year 2012 after obtaining B.Com (H) and MBA degrees from renowned institutions. He is a business wizard who knows how to facilitate the growth and retainment of the company’s clientele. Under his supervision, Orion Realtors has ventured into various business verticals and his efforts are highly appreciated throughout the real estate industry.


In the management practice, Mr. Mudit integrates the essence of traditional culture with modern concepts of management. His innovative philosophies and exploration have provided Orion Realtors with the ethos that perfectly amalgamates with the vision of the company.

Over the years, he has reinforced his expertise on market research, investments, realty solutions and financial management. His undying belief in tremendous and consistent hard work has led Orion Realtors in providing unparalleled and holistic real estate solutions to all its clients and investors.

Director's Message

Mr. Muditt Malhotra Director Orion Realtors Gurgaon

Orion Realtors is indisputably a fast-paced Realtor firm embracing meritocratic culture combined with exponential growth opportunities. Moving forward with a selective approach, it helps, Affordable residential and commercial property seekers to select from the most remarkable real estate projects.

Unleashed by leading real estate groups, these projects put forward contributive place to create awe-inspiring memories. For us, out-performing the expectations of our valued clients by going beyond average is what matters most.

Especially, a decision to buy a house involves the head and the heart and same holds true in the context of commercial property. Therefore, with lofty intention, intelligent execution and candid efforts, we strive to translate those sentiments into structures marvel emphasizing ethical conduct, professionalism and enduring relationships.


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