Few great reasons for joining Orion Group

long-term strategy, daily small-scale interactions among employees, a strong enterprise culture: here are 8 great reasons for joining Orion Realtors – a business that you’ll love being part of!

We Encourage You to Grow

Working with Orion Realtors can make a remarkable difference in career upliftment. As an authenticate career partner, we strive to prepare a thriving career road map by encouraging self-motivated real estate professionals to become top-ranking performers. At Orion Realtors, career growth opportunities are driven by quality mentorship program and align with the interest of the talent.

Work with friends, not Colleagues

An individual spends almost half of the day at the workplace. Therefore, enjoying the companionship of colleagues, who are no less than friends, promotes more productivity and creativity. With a razor-sharp focus towards encouraging constructive interactions to promote innovations, we help our workforce to be game-changers in the domain of Real Estate.

Respect for performance

We pursue meritocratic culture combined with exponential growth opportunities out of our respect for performance. Due to this, countless real estate professionals have been able to handle niche portfolios to deliver unmatched customized solutions within the specified time frame thereby accomplishing many impressive milestones and rewards in their career.

Rewards for solutions & innovation

We have developed an innovative system to reward solutions and innovations to encourage proactiveness possessed by our valuable human assets. For zealous solution-focused, go-getter and goal-oriented leaders who look forward to a challenging career emphasizing solutions & innovation, even sky is not the limit in terms of earning rewards.

Competitive compensation packages

Competitive compensation packages are the ultimate key to attract and retain the right talent. By acknowledging the shift in expectations of workplace culture in terms of modern remuneration, we strive to create flawless competitive compensation packages combined with a commission-based incentive.

Flexible leave and vacation policy

Developing a friendly and warm workplace is utmost essential to retain talent. Besides, ensuring work-life balance too has become extremely important in the modern hectic era. Therefore, we put our best foot forward in formulating ideal flexible leave and vacation policy to satiate the social interaction needs of our human assets while keeping our workspace culture alive and vibrant.

Commitment to you

Internal mobility, career development, a community of experts, mentoring, training, independence and responsibility - there’s a world of possibilities open to you here at Worldline when you join us: a dynamic business that’s growing fast. We are keen to encourage professional development throughout your career with us.

Open door policy & flat hierarchy

We understand that candid communication between management and employees at all levels is the key to keep reticent workforce and conflicts at bay. Therefore, we pursue an open door policy and flat hierarchy to foster mutual consideration, co-operation, enhanced co-ordination and respect in the workplace.

Culture Orion Realtors

We break rules and make some of our own. We are a team of enthusiastic game changers, quiet geniuses and hands-on revolutionaries eager to take on the world. We are helping India live the dream of buying a home & offices minus the nightmares. We exist to solve problems… and we’ve made more than 18,500 homebuyers really happy!

Life @ Orion Group

So how is it to actually step in and live the life inside the Orion world? Well, who better than our Orion can share about that journey! From interviews with our leaders to success snippets from our campus alumnus group, here are some exciting stories about life on the OR.

Celebrating Successes

Rewards and Recognition

Happy employees are more productive. Being recognized gives your staff the feeling of job mastery and that they are a great fit for their role and for the company.

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