Who will build new sector roads? Developers blame acquisition block

GURUGRAM: Thousands of residents living in the new sectors will continue to face connectivity issues, say developers with projects in the new sectors, if a policy intervention addressing issues delaying construction of 24m-wide roads in these sectors (58-118) isn’t taken soon.

According to Master Plan 2031, the 24m approach roads to projects are to be built by the developer/landowner in whose licensed area the road is proposed. However, in many cases, these roads never see light of day as one or more landowners refuse to part with their portions of land for roads.

“Multiplicity of ownership causes a major problem in connectivity in new sectors. For instance, in Sector 62, the 24m approach road passes through projects of three developers. Since they are still being built, the developers have not worked on the 24m road, impacting connectivity to other projects in the area,” said a city-based developer, requesting anonymity.

He added that in sectors 62 and 65, approach roads to residential townships that have already been delivered, pass through land of two ongoing projects belonging to other developers and some villagers. While one developer has built its portion of the road, the other hasn’t, leaving in limbo residents who have taken possession in other projects. According to developers, the bigger concern is with land for road that is still owned by a farmer or landowner, who either won’t part with the land or demand an exorbitant price for it. For instance, in Sector 69, a landowner threatened to build a boundary wall around his portion of land over which the area’s 24m road was planned. The matter was eventually resolved.

“We’ve sent many representations to the chief minister’s office, asking for help with land acquisition for these roads, and for a policy to facilitate these acquisitions. However, we’re yet to hear from the government on it,” said Praveen Jain, vice-chairman, NAREDCO (National Real Estate Development Council). As of now, responsibility of land acquisition remains with developers. He added it’s extremely difficult to acquire land in case local landowners ask for exorbitant prices realising it’s advantageous to deal with residents and developers who are stuck. In the worst-case scenario, landowners refuse to part with land at any cost, necessitating government intervention.

“This is what’s delaying development of sector roads in Gurgaon. We believe developers and state authorities can work together for the sake of infrastructure building. Not only will it benefit those who have already bought into projects in these areas, but it will also attract new customers. We have projects like Hues, Araville, 48 Canvas in sectors 68-79 which are facing such problems,” said R K Arora , chairman, Supertech Limited. A senior Huda official accepted the problem exists. “If developers have raised the concern with the state government, we’re sure it’ll be addressed soon,” he said.

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