A Guide to Paying Property Tax in Gurugram

Property tax is a recurring charge that home owners have to pay every year. However, the tax amount varies from one location to another. This is a guide to paying property tax in Gurugram

Owners of residential properties in Gurugram, are liable to pay property tax to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) every year. The MCG follows a simple system for property tax calculation that mainly takes into account the size and use of the property.

In November 2018, the MCG issued notices to the owners of paying guest (PG) accommodations in the city, asking them to pay Rs 1,000 per year per bed in their property. This notice was issued, after the MCG realised that it had lost out on earnings of almost Rs 50 crores, by levying residential property tax on guest houses and PGs, rather than categorising them as commercial properties. Owners of such properties, who fail to submit their taxes this year, could be penalised and have their properties sealed.

How to calculate property tax for a residential property in Gurugram
The tax payable on properties in Gurugram is based on two factors – area and use (residential/non-commercial and commercial). The MCG has provided the following guidelines, to calculate property tax for residential properties:

calculate property tax

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Rebates for payment of property tax

  • 100 per cent rebate is given to owners of self-occupied residential houses, who are serving defence/paramilitary force personnel and ex-service/ex-paramilitary force personnel or his/her spouse. This rebate is also applicable to families of deceased soldiers/ex-servicemen/ex-central paramilitary forces personnel, provided they do not have any other residential property in the state of Haryana and are residing in the property themselves and have not let out any portion of the house.
  • 100 per cent rebate is given to owners of self-occupied residential houses, who are freedom fighters or his/her spouse and war widows.
  • 100 per cent rebate is given to owners of vacant plots of 1 acre and above, that are used for horticulture/agriculture.
  • A one-time rebate of 30 per cent is given to property owners, who clear their property tax dues within 45 days of notification of the rates.
  • 10 per cent rebate is given to property owners who pay their total tax amount before July 31.

Paying your property tax

  • The best way to make your property tax payment is online, on the MCG website. When you enter your unique Property ID number or your name and address, you will be shown the amount that you need to pay. You can make this payment through internet banking, or with your debit/credit card.

The MCG also provides a self-assessment property tax form, in which you can follow the guidelines mentioned for each type of property and ascertain the amount that you need to pay. You can also pay your property tax manually at any of the MCG’s Citizen Facilitation Centres.

Source: https://housing.com/news/guide-paying-property-tax-gurugram/