Why Real Estate Investment in India Is The Most Reliable?

Real Estate Investment in India is hands-down the safest option.

We are all trying to secure our future and looking for the best options possible to multiply our savings and wealth. There are various investment options for citizens — fixed deposits, gold, stocks, real estate investments, and even venture capital.

But a close look at all of them reveals that the lowest risk and the highest returns come from real estate investment in India. From real estate for beginners to real estate for entrepreneurs, there are multiple options to increase your wealth. But you must be wondering, how to invest in real estate in India? Fortunately, we have the answer.

Why real estate investment is good? How to invest in real estate in India?

  • Real estate investors in India have certain distinct advantages:
  • With increasing bank scams, it is no longer safe to park all your money in banks.
  • Gold can be stolen. So, it is not only a risky investment, but also one that puts gold owners’ life and limb in danger by making them vulnerable to loot and attack.
  • The stock market is also unpredictable. Growth of stock value can be slow, time-consuming and it is heavily subject to market risks.
  • Investing in startups is also a risky option, as research shows that 90% of startups fail. If money multiplication is your goal, then investment in startups is not your best bet. Real estate investment for entrepreneurs is the answer.

Thus, real estate investment is by far, the best option available to safeguard your hard-earned money, grow your wealth, and secure your future. Read on to find out why and how to invest in real estate in India right now. Go for the best real estate investment options in your town.

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate in India & What Are the Benefits of Investing in Property?

Is real estate investment good?? The answer is definitely “yes”. There are compelling reasons why you should invest in real estate.

Real Estate is a High Growth Industry?

According to Indian Brand Equity Foundation, which is a knowledge centre for real estate investors in India:

  • Real estate market has grown to Rs. 65,000 crores (USD 9.30 billion) from Rs. 12,000 crores (USD 1.72 billion) in 2019.
  • Housing sales reached 2.61 lakh units in 2019 across seven major cities.
  • Real estate accounted for Rs. 43,780 crores (USD 6.26 billion) in investment in 2019.
  • Although real estate prices fell in 2020, in 2021, the sector is supposed to recover losses and grow.
  • Affordable housing is supposed to grow in 2021. Buyers are supposed to prefer large, secure homes. Tier-2 and 3 cities are also supposed to witness a robust growth. Ready-made homes are supposed to be the key driver for growth.

Real Estate Investment in India Has Tremendous Potential for Appreciation?

Is real estate investment good? For ages, real estate has always been characterized by appreciation in the value of the property. In recent times, with more and more international companies investing in India, real estate value has appreciated faster than ever. In the post-Covid-19 scenario, with international investors looking to shift their investment from China to India, it is all the more advantageous for real estate investors in India. There will be more jobs, more influx to various cities, and more people wanting to buy homes as they move to new cities. As such, with increasing demand, the prices of real estate will go up.

Even if you invest in a seemingly lower value property on the outskirts or in the suburbs, it can become a gold mine in the future with the appreciated property values! You can find suitable options whether it is real estate for beginners or real estate for entrepreneurs.

Real Estate Investment in India Can Help You Get Rich Quick?

Property values can increase at exponential rates, and real estate investment can help you become rich quickly. If you take a look at well-to-do people around, you can see that the affluent people are generally the ones who inherited a substantial amount of property. A lot of ordinary people sold their lands and property after urbanization, and got rich overnight.

Tax Saving on Real Estate Investment in India under Various Sections?

For salaried people, investing in real estate in India can help you with significant savings on income tax. If you avail a home loan, you can get an IT rebate on the annual interest paid, a part of the principal loan amount, the stamp duty and registration charges, and other additional deductions under Section 24, sections 80C, 80EE etc.

Real Estate Investment in India Has Low Risk with High Returns?

As mentioned earlier, real estate investment doesn’t carry the kind of risks associated with bank deposits or stock markets. In the bygone years, there used to be the fear of illegal occupation of unattended property by land usurpers, or the fear of unauthorized persons selling your property in a fraudulent manner. In the present times, with robust registration processes backed by video records, biometrics, and modern documents like Aadhar card, etc., it is impossible for fraudsters to illegally occupy or sell your properties.

Moreover, properties today are safely lodged in gated communities and fenced boundaries. All these measures work to keep your real estate investment and your property safe in all ways.

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Right Now?

If you are thinking that the markets are down due to Covid-19 and that this is not the right time to invest in real estate, then you will probably be surprised to know that now is actually the right time to invest in real estate. The recently lowered cement rates, combined with the discounts and rebates associated with Covid-impacted markets can help you acquire property at comparatively lower rates. This is why you should invest in real estate right now.

In conclusion, real estate investment?is the safest and most reliable investment in India. It results in high returns, compared to any other form of investment. It is more profitable than parking funds in banks or buying gold, as real estate value increases at exponential rates compared to bank interest or gold appreciation. Buying property is a sustainable form of investment for your retirement, and also for your children and future generations. Your progeny will have a bright life and a secure future.

Real estate is real! It is tangible and permanent. Go ahead, and invest in the best real estate investments in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Real Estate Investment a Good Option?

Yes. Real estate investment is a good option. This is because real estate investment in India can generate both passive income and can be a long-term investment option because of high ROI.

How do I do real estate investment in India?

Real Estate investment can be done in many ways. Real Estate Mutual fund is a good option. You can also invest in REITs. REITs or real estate investment trust is a company that invests in real estate properties. You receive a share of the profits as return. Finally, buying plots is also another option. There are several Plots for Sale in Sohna Gurgaon that can give you high returns.

Which is the best city to invest in India?

Gurgaon is the best city to invest in India, when it comes to real estate. There are plots, villas and apartments for sale in Sohna Gurgaon. Check out Property Adviser for the best property listings in Gurgaon.