The 9 Big Advantages of Staying In Large Gated Community Residences

Gated community apartments have evolved over the years. With just a handful of amenities when it was first conceptualized to a resort-like living experience now, gated community apartments have come a long way. As the real estate developers and architects are rediscovering and inventing the contemporary way of living, prospective home buyers are getting apartments insight fully designed and a new lifestyle solution. It strives to provide the essence of an aesthetic and holistic lifestyle lived abroad.

Gated community apartments and villas are in vogue as home-buyers these days prefer staying in serene and tranquil localities while still being equipped with all the modern facilities and conveniences. These communities are private and residents can enjoy and have access to a multitude of advantages and benefits for a hassle-free living experience. Here’s listing 9 benefits of staying in a large gated community apartment.

Safety & Security

Gated community residences have been one of the fastest growing housing developments in India. Since the early 2000s, the Indian real estate market has witnessed a tremendous rise in gated communities equipped with private living, high security and a number of amenities. Above all, it was the dire need for 24/7 security that pushed buyers towards gated community apartments. Gated community apartments are well-closed off and well-guarded in a secured location. The around-the-clock security system in the form of CCTV cameras, security guards present at every entry and exit gates, video door phones, electronic fences and more guarantees residents that no unwanted trespassers and visitors can intrude the property without valid verification. This ensures security not just for kids but for the adults too.

Experience Community Living

A pleasant benefit of staying in a gated community is that it elicits a sense of community. Residents with varied age groups and from different walks of life have an unspoken understanding. Here meeting with neighbors and other residents in common vicinity like the clubhouse or the garden evokes a bond of friendliness and belonging. Nowadays, many communities also arrange for events, festivals and activities that gives the residents an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate with zest and enthusiasm.

No Speeding vehicles & Traffic

Living in a gated community means that you can get rid of the unnecessary traffic and speeding vehicles. There is a controlled speed limit that every resident including the guests within the property must follow. You can take a walk, jog or cycle peacefully without having to worry about any impending accident. It is especially safer for the kids and the senior citizens as they can safely roam about in every corner of the society. These days, gated communities are planned in such a way that the vehicles’ driveway is separate from walkways for maximum security of residents.

Green homes and Sustainable Living

Free from pollution and ample pockets of green spaces scattered throughout the property, gated community apartments and villas are the best residential options if you wish to stay in a home surrounded by green foliage and immaculate lawns. Nowadays there are many apartments designed for a sustainable living using natural resources like sun, wind and water. These homes focus on energy efficiency and resorts to an eco-friendly architecture by using sustainable materials. Besides promoting water and electricity conservation, these homes also improve air quality fostering a healthy lifestyle for adults and children alike.

A Safe Haven for Children

Gated community residences are a paradise for families living with their kids. A combination of a multitude of amenities and features such as 24/7 security surveillance, limited traffic moving at slower speed, make it safe for kids to play outdoors without any restrictions. Also a controlled access to neighborhood means that kids can safely explore around without bumping into strangers. Also, outdoor play areas and sports facilities give children an opportunity to indulge in physical activities. Needless to say, certified coaching facilities are also available for these amenities to shape multi-talented kids with exposure to sports and games.

In addition, spaces for crèche and pre-school is indeed a great advantage of living in large gated communities. These facilities with CCTV surveillance ensures parents that kids are residing in a safe sanctum.

Sports Facilities

Sports are an integral part of our life. It not only enhances the mental health but also the physical fitness of the body. It imparts character values and has a positive impact on both children and adults to get exercise and spend time with peers in a healthy environment.

Large gated communities have detailed sports facilities like basketball, cricket, badminton, tennis, volleyball, skating, swimming pool, and more. The facilities also include a plethora of indoor game options like table tennis, chess, carrom, billiards, squash courts, etc. Gated communities give you the opportunity to enjoy the best of life without having to step outside.

Manicured Lawns and Green foliage

It is hard to get a picturesque beauty off your mind, isn’t it? The lush greenery with trees, shrubs and colourful flowers, neatly manicured lawns and gardens give you a sense of peace and relaxation. Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York, Butchart Gardens in Canada, and Regent’s Park in London offer a visual treat to your senses. With elevated steps, strategic seating gazebos and pavilions, gurgling water bodies, it is an enchanted Nature’s Experience!

Large gated communities these days plan their projects in land areas of 10 acres and above building apartment towers strategically while leaving enough green space to incorporate landscapes and waterscapes in its utmost aesthetic appeal. The modern apartments are designed to capture the natural elements and provide a resort-like yet homely retreat for a multi-generational family. These mega apartments are a world of joy and a living experience that will keep you spellbound for a lifetime.

Integrated Lifestyle

A very convenient benefit of people living in gated community residences is that they are able to access a plethora of communal facilities and amenities like tennis, badminton and squash courts, world-class gym, spa and salon, preview theater, swimming pools and other essentials like ATM, grocery stores and pharmacy. A gated community strives towards offering every possible amenities to its residents.

Good Investment and Higher Property Value

Investing in a gated community is a good option when buying real estate. Though gated community residences always cost slightly higher than other property options, buying property in such communities can prove to be a profitable option especially if bought from a trusted builder. These days people not just want homes, they desire a lifestyle par excellence and gated community apartments and villas are a good investment in their superior living experience and happiness.

What convenience are you looking for when buying a house in a gated community? Are you thinking of buying an apartment in a gated community in Hyderabad? Let us know your thoughts and aspirations for a dream home.