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As we all are aware of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, The world is facing a very difficult time due to COVID-19. According to the survey, the Economic condition of India due to COVID-19 is having a ‘deep impact’ on Indian businesses. But, in comparison to other sectors, the effect of COVID-19 will be quite less in the Real Estate sector furthermore, it is expected to offer more open doors for business in the up and coming future. That’s why Real Estate is considered to be the best Investment.

The research shows that real estate is the most lucrative long term investment as compared to other forms. Buying a property is attached by the feel of a person in many ways.

Some People purchase property for their own use, some for investment purposes and also for commercial use and many more intentions of the people can be there while he or she thinks to buy a property. These can be in the following ways:

Emotional Quotient:– As we all know buying a home is an emotional decision for Indians But, Investment in real estate provides a sense of security. Everyone is emotionally attached to his family and Home. That’s why investment in real estate is the best option for the future.

Insusceptible to volatile Markets:- Real estate investment is considered as the least volatile asset or we can say that low risk of loss and high possibility of profit. Real estate remains unaffected due to market fluctuations. This is especially true in the current environment of the market crash.

Affordable Home Loans:– Due to recent repo rate cuts by RBI, Interest rates have come down to almost 7% making the home loans cheaper. Repo Rate goes down Real Estate goes up. Realty booms have a compelling correlation with the lowered repo rates. The current repo rate of just 4.4% is a strong indicator of similar growth.

Hedge against inflation:- Inflation decreases the value of money such that an investment’s return is not worth as much as it might have been when the investment was made originally. Hedging against inflation helps reduce this pressure, as in real estate assets are widely acclaimed as a hedge against inflation as it is immune to the unstable purchasing power of rupee.

Long Term Tangible asset:- It is a stationary physical asset that provides reassurance and contentment over other financial assets, especially in the long term. Tangible assets are usually long term assets and can be found on a company’s balance sheet. The term is often associated with property, plant, and equipment, which is usually subdivided into two categories: Land: considered an asset with an unlimited term of existence; therefore, the land is never depreciated.

Return on Investment: The value of ROI (Return on Investment) appreciation offered by real estate properties makes it appealing for investment in the long-run, real estate investors build wealth. The real estate market is patterned in nature and one needs to contribute and afterward hold on for an extensive stretch of time to appreciate sound returns. NCR and explicitly Gurgaon realty advertise has experienced some stirring in recent years and despite the fact that costs have dropped and deals have dove, there has been a silver coating to all the turmoil.

Rental Yields:- It is believed that rental yields from real estate is higher as compared to traditional sources. Top Residential Areas to Invest in Gurgaon in 2020

  • Dwarka Expressway.
  • Sohna Road.
  • Golf Course Extension Road Etc..

An asset to Raise Money:- often banks prefer physical assets such as real estate in case if collateral is required to raise capital.

The world knows Gurgaon as a cutting edge Indian city with numerous corporate workplaces, yet there are a ton of realities about Gurgaon that are yet to be divulged. Situated in the closeness of the nation’s capital Delhi, Gurgaon is everything that a perfect township ought to be. We should know a portion of the intriguing things about the city of Gurgaon. Gurgaon is ranked third in the list of India’s cities with the highest GDP Per Capita Income. That’s why to Invest in Real Estate with Gurgaon’s Best Real Estate CompanyORION REALTORS

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