How to choose right affordable housing scheme?

A house is a dream and need of every person for securing his/her family but if it is in city like Gurgaon then it has some additional benefits like investment and rental income too. Gurgaon is one of the costliest city in India so buying a home can be very luxury dream but after the announcement of Affordable Housing Sohna Gurgaon policy this dream has taken shapes for more than Lacs families.

Under this scheme one can buy an apartment starting from 12 Lacs to 26 Lacs. Price remains same no matter in which location you are booking the apartment.

For Example  – Mr. Rajesh Kumar applied for 2 bhk in sector 109 in 2014 when this scheme was launched. But after making 50% payment he felt that he choose a wrong location, as there are many more good options in better locations available on the same price. So he decided to take refund from that scheme with the penalty of Rs 25,000 and booked a new one in sohna in 2016 near GD Goenka Again someone told him that he can get an apartment in far better location in Gurgaon which is under construction and the possession will be soon in 2017-19 where difference of price is very less.

This is not just the case of Mr. Rajesh it’s the case of more than 50% applicant who are not satisfied with what they got as they feel that they have chosen a wrong project because of number of different reasons like the layouts, location, builder’s construction or any other reason.

So how do we choose a right scheme?

There are some steps to follow, which can help you to take your decision smoothly and easily.

First and for most thing before applying in any scheme you should ask one question to yourself that what you want from this particular project. What is your requirement? The need or requirement like

  1. Location: –We all have some assumptions about the location for their future home. Someone is in long term job where they have very less chances of shifting office especially in government job, parental or current residence nearby or investment point as he or she see good growth in that area. Like many of those who put up in Gurgaon always prefer Sohna Road south of Gurgaon for applying an apartment and not in Dwarka Expressway.
  1. Current and future projects: – Once you decide the location, try to find out as many projects or scheme in that particular location or surroundings. You can take the help of government websites like or any right real estate consultant who has thorough knowledge about Affordable Housing Projects in Gurgaon to get to know what the current and upcoming projects are. Like most of the applicant who have applied in sohna, just because they wanted apartment near sohna road Gurgaon or golf course Extn. Road. They feel that all the allotment has already been done in that area and no other project is coming in Future. But if you search out thoroughly then you will get to know that there is an ongoing project in sector 6 also by Affordable Housing Projects in Gurgaon Sohna Road.
  1. Site Plan: –After short listing project always go through the site plan thoroughly to get an idea about open space for car parking as these schemes does not provide reserved car parking, play area for children, entry exit points etc. are also the features which need your attention. Some builders are providing pools, Football ground and other facilities also to lure the clients. Projects like pyramid urban homes, OSB expressway towers in Gurgaon and HCBS sports ville and signature global in sohna are some of the projects which gave max facilities in their respective areas.
  1. Floor plans: –Selecting a right floor plan is as important as selecting the location. Most of the builder do not care about small things like Size of the balcony, bathroom and kitchen orientation etc. Wide balcony and good orientation of kitchen & bathrooms gives more and better living space to family. Room’s size and bathroom sizes should also be checked before making any decision.
  1. Current and future development of area: – there are many area in Gurgaon where you can get good infra and social structure like golf course Extn. Road or SPR road where you can get good roads, markets, office area, schools, metro or better road connectivity. These things are the basic necessity for quality living. Decision on this point also depends on your purpose of buying, as many of the applicant sees good investment opportunity in these scheme. They can go for those projects whose future looks good in commercial sense rather than current status. Location sohna South of Gurgaon.

So these are some points, which can help you to take right decision to book your dream homes under Huda affordable housing scheme Gurugram. Apart from this do discuss these things with your family and show the location to them, as they are also the part of decision-making process. Also try to find a good real estate consultant who has good knowledge about affordable housing which can help you out.

I hope you will like this article and it will help you in your selection up to an extent.

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