Home For All In Gurgaon

Every man and woman requires a home in their lives, but there are homes of various shapes, sizes, and budgets, so how can we choose the ideal one? Is it simply a question of money? The Orion Group disagrees. We at Orion Group feel that a man’s dream home is a fluid concept that is influenced by his career, family size, age, budget, and a slew of other factors.

Apart from other builders, Orion Group management has a thorough understanding of the nuances of a Gurgaon family, which has enabled us to develop Five distinct housing verticals to cater to every individual yearning for a dream home in any of Gurgaon’s favourite locations, and to give your dream home a brand name.

We provide Affordable, Residential, Commercial, Plots & Land and Luxury Builder Floor, the Five different housing verticals that Orion Group has refined over the years to deliver you beautiful Affordable homes, wonderful luxury houses, and most premium lifestyle homes, giving substance to our aim of reaching your heart.

Affordable Housing

What does a modern, young family look for in a home? We at Orion Group delved into this one question and found out that it is not just a matter of affordability but a cache of little things that can make a huge difference.

Designing homes that range below 20 lakhs is a key factor for Affordable homes since these are affordable housing in Gurgaon’s most desirable locations. Keeping present Gurgaon in mind, these homes are predominantly designed around New Gurgaon, South of Gurgaon, Dwarka Expressway, Golf Course Extension Road and Sohna Road, so that a young techie or a first home buyer, who is starting off his career could own a dream home close to his office or within the city limits.

Even an investor can consider this. But in cities like Sohna Road, Pataudi Road and New Gurgaon our Affordable homes are located in locations that are desirable for anybody living in the city. People misunderstand Affordable Homes as a low budget segment. But this is not true because the project is designed to be compact and the tower height is restricted below 15 floors so the area will be less and construction cost will be less which slashes the rate.

While the materials used for construction and finishing are branded, trendy and the land value is almost similar to luxury projects. The beauty of this project is that it sells like hot cake because even if the family becomes bigger and you want a bigger home, this can fetch you an appreciated value as the demand is quite high at all times or you can also get a very good income as rent. In short, the happiness and contentment of owning a home don’t have to wait till one is 40 years old. you join  with Orion Group.

Luxury Residential Projects

Residential Projects is a separate residence that is created to provide the appropriate blend of residential and spaciousness for the 45+ family man. These homes would be ideal for a larger family with more members with diverse hobbies, as the list of amenities will be longer and better, all centred around the concept of entertaining the entire family.

Residential homes are closer to the city, saving you valuable time from everyday traffic so you can spend more time with your loved ones. These high-rise residences are intended to make a statement, and they will. These dwellings, which range in price from 40 lakhs to 2 Cr. onwards are what residential homes wish they might be.

They are distinguished from the vast majority of residential dwellings available elsewhere by thoughtful layout, precise engineering, and carefully designed amenities. The value of the land, the size of each unit, the height of the building, and the amount of facilities all contribute to the cost of a project.

The Orion Group, which has been in this market for 15 years, is always looking for ways to give you a price edge. All of this is done with branded materials that are of the highest quality.

Plots & Land Properties

We make sure that the prices of your dream Plots & land for home are solely dependent on the Location, Square feet Area, Amenities and never by compromising. The Deal of the property always good, because Orion Group is only The Best because it serves The Best. Here are Some type of plots.

Residential Plots: These plots are unique for those who wish to build an independent home as per their taste.

Apartments Plots: The real estate builders who wish to construct a cluster of the housing complex usually in high-rise or low-rise buildings can choose this category.

With a legacy of more than 15 years in plotting, Orion Group has become a renowned brand in and around the region of Delhi NCR. The brand offers plots for everyone in the country and even overseas to invest, make a living and progress with prosperity. The gated community projects ensure that your plots are safe and secure. That’s the Orion promise.