MRG World: An amalgamation of diversified business sectors be it agro, financial services, education and real estate, MRG World is a renowned name in the infrastructure sector. Identified as a brand with a strong vision for blending new and innovative ideas with creativity and quality, they are known for their exceptional integrated development skills in both residential and commercial segments. Commencing their real estate journey in the affordable segment across Gurgaon, MRG is assembling a construction framework that is both functional and visually appealing, creating their own diversified portfolio in the minds of their customers that is built on dedication, ambition and regulation. They have launched 4 projects under the affordable scheme The Skyline in Sector 106, The Ultimus in Sector 90, The Balcony in Sector 93 and The Meridian in Sector 89 all based in Gurgaon. All of these projects are being constructed under the affordable housing scheme and include both residential and commercial construction segments making them comprehensive projects.

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